Shipping Costs

Shipping Providers

We use third party courier services. If you need a courier service that includes shipping insurance please check if the service you chose has this available. Couriers charge based on the weight and quantity of parcels and they usually have a minimum delivery fee and then extra costs are added to that. All product weights are calculated at the end of the order and a shipping estimate can be performed at after you have added the products to your cart.

Picking up wines at our store is FREE (obviaaaaaaas!)

If you order online and add the stores address 30 Main Road, Ashton, Western Cape 6715 there will be no shipping charges.

TCG The courier guy UNINSURED (Prices valid until DEC 2020)

TCG has a national rate at R136.00 for 25 kg. and a rate of R6.00 per kg there after. All prices are  calculated on the total weight of the order.

eg. 3 boxes weighing 8 kg each will cost R136.00 for the delivery but 3 boxes weighing  9 kg each will be R136.00 for the first 25 kg plus R12 for the next 2 kg.

eg. 4 boxes weighing 6 kg each will also cost R136.00 but 4 boxes weighing 10 kg each will cost R136.00 for the first 25 kg plus R90 for the next 15 kg.

Globe Flight INSURED (Prices valid until DEC 2020)

Globe flight has different charges per region.

Majour Cities R120.00 for the first 18kg or 2 boxes then R6.5 per kg there after

Cape Town R56 for the first 18kg or 2 boxes then R3.10 per kg there after