De Wetshof Danie de Wet Chardonnay


An unwooded Chardonnay matured on the lees, producing a fresh, lemony flavoured wine with a grapefruit, yeasty nutty aftertaste.

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The Robertson Valley is characterised by cold winters and sunny summers, with an average annual rainfall of 350 – 400mm. In summer a fresh southerly breeze from the Cape Agulhas coast has a cooling effect on the vineyards, allowing the grapes to ripen evenly and in perfect balance. Nights are chilly and during summer months a mist often shrouds the vineyards until late morning.
The dry climate and the bracing breeze keep pests to a minimum, resulting in sparse spraying programmes.Irrigation
Computerised irrigation systems linked to weather station data and the monitoring of soil moisture-content ensures the vines are given the correct amount of water needed to produce grapes of optimum ripeness and developed flavours.Soils
An abundance of free limestone and gravelly soils are complemented by a heavy clay component ensuring excellent water-retention and adding structure and fullness to the wines. This adds complexity and structure to the wines, allowing optimum varietal expression with classic Chardonnay flavours of soft grapefruit and nuts.Vineyard Information

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