Schoemanati Rasberry and Strawberry gin


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Schoemanati Raspberry & Strawberry pink Gin is distilled from the best Raspberries and Strawberries and infused with Juniper and Rose petals. Boet, Martie, and Dawie Schoeman started distilling mampoer in 1992 and named the product Schoemanati the word monati derived from the Tswana word “lekker. The liqueurs and shooters are made from the alcohol in the distilling kettle. Some of the alcohol is aged to make a collection of exclusive brandies. The mampoer and witblits are entirely untainted and have no additives or sugar added to the liquor which produces alcoholic drinks that is remarkably high in quality. We’ve extended our product range with the new handcrafted range of GIN, that is distilled from the best quality fruit.

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