Mutiny Rooibos Bitters


The unique hand wrapped labels of Mutiny Bitters ensure that no bottle will ever be exactly the same. Each variant includes its own mutinous poem on the back and the nautical skull design on the front is one of a kind and makes for a very eye-catching counter or bar display.



Our Rooibos Bitters is a world first, and we are very excited about it! The balance between bitter, sweet, and Rooibos sends tingles from the palate to the toes. The possibilities are endless with this flavor enhancer. The recipe was developed with the popular Rock Shandy soft drink in mind, but this time with a mutinous dash of Rooibos instead of just the traditional Aromatic. Rooibos Rock Shandy has to be tried, but don’t stop there, add a dash to compliment any Gin & Tonic and of course a large selection of cocktails.

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