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  • A complex wine with citrus aromas. Chardonnay, a versatile cultivar, are well adapted to warmer regions. The grapes are harvested at higher sugar levels, which produce wine with higher alcohol, and fuller, complex wines, with fruity bouquets. Serve cold and enjoy with spicy meals.

    Dry White Wine (Lightly wooded)

    BC Chardonay (Lightly Wooded)

  • Tasting Notes. A golden colour. On the nose you get an intense mixture of dried pear, dried apricot and ripe lemons. The very flavourful palate reveals ripe lemons and dried mango.

    This collection of wines is focused on the soil type of the vineyard and the effect of the soil in the end product. For Place of Rocks the broken shale adds to the minerality and the tightness that you experience in the wine.

    Weltevrede Place of Rocks Chardonnay (Wooded)

  • This is a light and fruity semi-sweet white wine blend of Chenin Blanc and Colombar grapes. The Colombar especially contributes to the fruitiness of this wine.

    BC Brandvlei Cellar Bacchante Semi-Sweet

  • Tasting Notes
    Colour: Bright green with a straw tint.
    Nose: Refreshing flavours of lime, citrus and melon with hints of honeysuckle tones.
    Palate: These flavours flow through onto a luscious palate which ends with a lingering crispness.
    Food Suggestions
    A superb food- and pouring wine. Enjoy with light meals and exceptional with sushi, sashimi, seared tuna.

    Zandvliet My Best Friend Cape White

  • Tasting Notes
    Colour: Pale straw-gold.
    Nose: The nose has distinct flavours of lime, pineapple, passion fruit and kiwi with hints of butterscotch.
    Palate: These delicate flavours follow through onto a creamy palate with subtle wood integration and a smooth, elegant finish.

    Food Suggestions
    Appreciation: Enjoy this rich wine well chilled with fine dining. Food pairing: A very versatile wine and can be enjoyed with a variety of foods Рfish, pork, souffl̩s and cheese platters.

    Zandvliet Estate Chardonnay (Wooded)

  • Placeholder

    A multiple Veritas Gold Award winner with elegant greeny-gold tints. Full-bodied with a citrus bouquet on the nose following through on the palate.

    Van Zylshof River Rain Chardonnay (Unwooded)

  • Nose:
    Oak Barrel Ferented with natual yeast. Lots of lemon and other citrus flavours.

    Tomato/puttanesca sauce pasta, chicken cordon blue with very strong cheese and salami/ham and cheese so that the acidity can balance the richness of the food (wine can work both ways either compliment the acidity or balance the richness)

    Wolfkloof Tribute Chardonnay Wooded

  • Refreshingly light in alcohol, with notes of piaple on the nose. Bright tropical fruit such as white peach complimented by hints of citrus and a finty minerality.

    Tomato/puttanesca sauce pasta, chicken cordon blue with very strong cheese and salami/ham and cheese so that the acidity can balance the richness of the food (wine can work both ways either compliment the acidity or balance the richness)

    Wolfkloof Chardonnay Unwooded Thin Lizzy

  • Windfall’s Sauvignon Blanc boasts flinty and mineral characteristics on the front palate with a crisp lingering finish of tropical notes. Watermelon and ripe white peach as well as white figs add to the earthy notes creating an ensemble which does not disappoint. Enjoy with white chicken or fish dishes decorated with vegetables and salads. Also pairs well with Sushi and rich creamy dishes.

    Windfall Sauvignon Blanc

  • Aromas of green figs and asparagus, with cut-grass and grandilla undertones. Crisp and lively in the mouth with ultra fresh, zesty finish. Pale straw colour with a green tint. Drink now or within 2 years. One of the best vintages thus far.

    Food Suggestion: Norwegian salmon wrapped asparagus spears with a zingy Hollandaise.

    Viljoensdrift River Grandeur Sauvignon Blanc

  • The slight woody notes on the nose carry through onto the palate as a round mouth feel balanced with a hint of vanilla and gooseberries.

    Food Suggestion: West Coast mussel paella.

    Viloensdrift River Grandeur Chardonnay

  • A crisp dry white wine for any occasion.

    Food Sugestion: Rocket and walnut salad with pecorino shavings and extra virgin olive oil.

    Viljoensdrift Anchor Drift White

  • Each bunch of Sauvignon grapes was selected and picked, by hand, from one single vineyard. Tasting Notes: A crisp white wine with appealing aromas and flavours of ripe granadilla, pineapple, green apple and melon with a touch of flintiness. The fine crisp natural acidity freshens the wine and adds structure, leading to a clean mineral finish with excellent length and finesse.

    Sumsare Family Wines Sauvignon Blanc

  • French oak barrels are used, but not new wood. The characteristics of the vineyard are better expressed by using older barrels. Tasting Notes: Natural Barrel fermented with wild yeast to produce a complex aroma profile with a slower fermentation rate. This Chardonnay is full bodied with aromas of lime, citrus, pineapple and a hint of butterscotch. Only the best grapes were handpicked to produce this limited release wine.

    Sumsare Family Wines Chardonnay

  • A fruit driven crisp white wine with vibrant tropical fruit aromas & lingering after taste which leaves you wanting more.

    Montagu Chenin Blanc

  • WINEMAKERS COMMENTS Full-bodied with powerful varietal flavours of bell-pepper, green apple and freshly cut grass. Good structure with lovely balancing acidity. Enjoy now with seafood, smoked salmon, roast chicken and pork.

    Robertson Winery Sauvignon Blanc

  • An uncomplicated wine ideal with fresh fruit based desserts and mild soft cheeses.

    Robertson Winery Gewurztraminer Special Late Harvest

  • Featured

    It is blended from a selection of the best wines of the harvest with the fruit all being harvested gently and quietly in the early hours and pressed while the grapes are still cool to help retain aroma and flavour. (It’s tough to contain ourselves from erupting with glee during the process.)

    This beautifully balanced white wine offers good texture with layers of tropical fruit. A fresh acidity follows through to a long, satisfying finish.

    From the start, our aim was to produce a Sauvignon Blanc of real character. But of course, it’s a Fat Bastard!

    Fat Bastard Sauvignon Blanc

  • The wine is tank fermented with an element of the jolly good stuff scientists call quercus fragmentus, which adds greater weight and complexity. The wine shows classic ripe, rich butter and tropical fruit on the nose and soft, well-integrated vanilla on the palate.

    Unsurprisingly, the result is a voluptuously delectable wine that’s not only fabulous to drink, it continues to win prizes too. A veritable coup of the fattest type!

    Fat Bastard Chardonnay

  • WINEMAKERS COMMENTS An appealing light straw colour. Light with lovely ripe, attractive rounded fruit. Fresh floral nose and an exciting acid balance. Enjoy now with seafood, smoked salmon, roast chicken and pork.

    Robertson Winery Chenin Blanc

  • Gentle muscat-scented, aromatic semi-sweet white wine with a smooth, subtle spicy palate. Generous and succulent, but nicely freshened by gentle acid with a fresh and clean finish. Complements spicy curry and strong flavoured foods.


    Blend: Colombard and Muscadel



    Robertson Winery Beukett Semi Sweet

  • Tasting Notes
    Sweet, Fruity and elegant with floral notes.
    Ageing Potential
    To enjoy this wine at its best, consume within 2 years of purchase.

    Roodezandt Late Harvest

  • A refreshing and aromatic dry white wine, with a lingering aftertaste and fresh, crisp swallow. Served chilled it will complement any dining table. Crisp fresh style, citrus aromas with grassy tropical fruit flavours.

    Lords Sauvignon Blanc

  • Full, fresh tropical / citrus flavours, complexed delicately with soft tannins, to give it crispness on the finish. The grapes were handpicked. Serve chilled. Fermented & matured in French Oak barrels for 8 months.

    Lords Chardonnay Barrel Fermented


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