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  • This complex wine exudes a classic elegance with ripe cherry fruit flavours and a fragrant spiciness complimented by ripe tannins and a long finish. A truly versatile light red wine which will benefit from chilling before serving.

    First Sighting Pinot Noir

  • Windfall’s Pinot Noir 2017 is a medium bodied wine which has floral notes
    with hints of Fynbos on the nose which follows through onto the palate.

    Windfall Pinot Noir

  • New

    Our Pinot Noir was planted in 1997 on a rock infested outcrop, too steep for tractors or other implements, so all the tending needs to be done by hand. The extreme density of 9000 vines per hectare and the scarcity of soil between the abundant rocks results in a vineyard yielding only a few bunches per year.

    Springfield Pinot Noir

  • Nose: Licorice, sea shells, forest floor.
    Pallet: Full round with lingering mouth feel.

    Exdiem Pinot Noir Lightly Wooded

  • The Pinot Noir shows upfront fruit flavours of raspberries and cranberries, with earthy tones and cherry on the palate and aftertaste

    Van Loveren Pinot Noir

  • Alluring nose showing red cherries and forest floor notes, following though with a rich and full palate possessing a core of dark fruit with soft fruity tannins.

    Quando Pinot Noir Lightly Wooded

  • WINEMAKERS COMMENTS A purple tint on the rim with delicious flavours of ripe strawberry and rich red cherry. Produced in an early drinking style with a soft smooth finish. Enjoy now with roast beef, guinea fowl, roast chicken, stews, lamb, pizza and pasta.

    Robertson Winery Pinot noir Unoaked

  • It is made from carefully selected grapes from the ultra-ripe harvest to produce a wine with an intense fruit flavour.

    The result is delicious; a joyous ruby colour with notes of strawberry and gentle spice, a hint of earthiness with a well-defined structure, and an elegant finish.

    The Fat Bastard Pinot Noir simply lives life to the full.

    Fat Bastard Pinot Noir

  • The soft, velvety cherry and earthy flavours on the nose of this wine lingers on the palate. Smooth tannins through careful oak maturation make this a well balanced wine. The grapes were handpicked. A difficult vine to grow, but ideally suited to the lime-rich soil of the Lords terroir.

    Lords Pinot Noir


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