Courier status: Covid Times

This info is valid for the week of June 1 to June 7

The Courier Guy

Courier Status:  The Courier Guy – massive slow downs in ability to pick up and deliver wines. They are currently still busy processing orders from Mei. Couriers were only allowed to pick up wines from the 1st of June and that filled up warehouse space extremely fast.

Tracking:  When a order is booked with a Courier from our side we add your email address and select a option to send you the tracking info. – If you have not yet received a tracking email from The Courier Guy your order is probably still in the queue waiting to be processed at the warehouse or picked up by the courier. 

SA Wines – Cape Town Orders only

Courier Status:  SA Wines  – are no longer picking up wines from us. Their warehouse is full and there is a backlog of orders – We will try to do the Cape Town deliveries ourselves (June 8 or 9) until this service can be resumed.

Tracking:  They do not have a online tracking system and this has to happen manually by

A large number of orders were sent out between  Sunday to Wednesday.

The Couriers are over capacity, with no warehouse space remaining. This is causing a slowdown and orders cannot be collected from our shop.  The previous delivery estimates of 5 to 10 working days as mentioned on the checkout page can no longer be guaranteed (You might still get your wines within that time, though).

From the the farms in the Robertson wine valley alone there are 5 to 10 fully loaded trucks leaving for private customer orders on a daily basis. The South African  courier infrastructure is under immense strain and will continue to be for the next few weeks.

We will continue to process the waybills on our side and will have orders ready for collection by the couriers. They will collect as soon as they are able to do so. We will communicate their status changes on our website. (So we do not spam you with emails)

For Cape Town Deliveries

We are looking  to do our own deliveries to the Cape Town area over the week of 8 to 11 June (We will give you a call to make arangements the day before delivery.)

Wine farm stock levels

There are are some wines that are running out of stock at the farms and we will contact you in the event of this happening to your order. It is like the magician, David Blaine, is in there making wine disappear. 

Regards Pragmatic Christiaan