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  • Wild yeast fermentation took naturally place inside six selected barrels to produce this complex wine with tropical aromas. Tasting Notes: Natural barrel Fermented. Refreshing and crisp. Enjoy chilled with Seafood, smoked Salmon, roasted Chicken or Pork. Wine that is slightly wooded can be kept longer. So enjoy it now, but you can also keep it for up to 3 years.

    Sumsare Family Wines Chenin Blanc

  • The finest brandy takes its soul from the wine it was distilled from. Made from flavourful hand harvested grapes that grows in the Robertson Valley. Potstill distillation turned the wine into a flavourful spirit. In the cellar where time does not hurry and angels take their share for working their magic in the oak barrels, maturation takes place that adds colour and complexity to yield a distinguished brandy. Enjoy this handcrafted limited release Brandy. Proudly crafted and matured in Robertson, South Africa by the Erasmus Family.

    Sumsare 5 Year Potstill Brandy

  • Each bunch of Sauvignon grapes was selected and picked, by hand, from one single vineyard. Tasting Notes: A crisp white wine with appealing aromas and flavours of ripe granadilla, pineapple, green apple and melon with a touch of flintiness. The fine crisp natural acidity freshens the wine and adds structure, leading to a clean mineral finish with excellent length and finesse.

    Sumsare Family Wines Sauvignon Blanc

  • French oak barrels are used, but not new wood. The characteristics of the vineyard are better expressed by using older barrels. Tasting Notes: Natural Barrel fermented with wild yeast to produce a complex aroma profile with a slower fermentation rate. This Chardonnay is full bodied with aromas of lime, citrus, pineapple and a hint of butterscotch. Only the best grapes were handpicked to produce this limited release wine.

    Sumsare Family Wines Chardonnay

  • Only the finest Cabernet grapes were hand selected and harvested during March at a optimum ripeness from specially identified vines, gently pressed to retain aromas and flavour. Tasting Notes: Nose: Soft on the nose and full bodied Palate: Aromas of pepper, berries, mocha and leather Serve with: Beef fillet, other red meats, Cheese, Poultry and Vegetarian dishes

    Sumsare Family Wines Cabernet Sauvignon

  • It was matured for two years, in a perfect combination of French and American oak barrels. Tasting Notes: Nose: Soft on the nose and full bodied; Palate: Aromas of pepper, berries, mocha and leather. Serve with: Beef fillet, other red meats, Cheese, Poultry and Vegetarian dishes.

    Sumsare Family Wines Shiraz


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