• Address: 30 Main Rd, Ashton, 6715
  • Phone: 023 615 1834
  • Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The LRF philosophy is to make unique terroir based wines. As they produce hand-crafted wines, the Fouries have the luxury of harvesting 3 to 4 times through a single block, giving control over the wine’s structure and balance.

“We work with the bounty of nature in a flexible and organic way. It is a hands-on operation and fairly labor intensive. No mechanical harvesting or pruning is done due to the relative size of our boutique wine practices. We believe in making unique, well balanced wines. Our wines are limited edition, individually numbered bottles and only the best from the barrel is bottled and blended.” – Johan Fourie

The Cellar
The cellar is the first straw bale cellar in South Africa and also the highest structure of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere (9m at its highest point), as far as is known. It is specially designed to create the perfect climate for winemaking, incidentally reducing the carbon footprint and energy usage substantially.

The cellar is environmentally friendly in contrast to materials such as normal bricks and mortar. The stucco mix plaster rendering contains 50% limestone for breathability. Energy is dramatically saved because of the thermal capacity of straw bales. The cooler cellar climate provides perfect fermentation temperatures and slow maturation — so much so, that straw bales are stacked as a maturation area and some of the barrels are covered with straw bale “blankets” to help with Malolactic fermentation. Those straw bales are then used as mulch in the vineyards after a season or two of serving in the maturation area.

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