• Address: 30 Main Rd, Ashton, 6715
  • Phone: 023 615 1834
  • Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

DuVon is a beautiful family-run, fruit and wine farm, situated near Robertson in the De Goree district that forms part of the Valley of Wine and Roses.

The name DuVon symbolizes the merging of the two sole co-owners: Armand du Toit and his uncle, Alex von Klopmann, together they lovingly restored the old wine cellar (dating back to 1940) into a boutique winery and a wedding venue that offers all new bridal couples the perfect opportunity to customize their wedding to personal taste, preference and needs.

The farm offers exquisite wines that may be enjoyed while sitting beside the picture-perfect swimming pool of the self-catering units that forms part of the old farmhouse, with a view that stretches over 100 hectares of vineyards and beyond…

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  • Dry-Crisp, Medium-light bodied Sauvignon Blanc with fruity tropical guava and gooseberry flavours and aromas.

    We are proud to say that we bottled our fruity and crisp Sauvignon Blanc this year. With only a single block to harvest from, there is no room for error. Fermented at low temperatures to ensure optimal flavours and aroma development.

    Du Von Sauvignon Blanc

  • The Chenin Blanc grapes where hand selected and harvested during harvest time to ensure that only the best grapes were picked for optimal ripeness and flavors. The grapes were crushed and destalked followed by 6 hours of skin-contact. Only the A grade juice were used during pressing to minimize any negative flavors and tannins. Fermented at 14-15 deg in stainless steel tanks to give the wine a perfect tropical flavors and aromas. The whole process takes place under CO2 protection.

    Du Von Chenin Blanc


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