Platform 62 Wine Shop – Taste the Robertson Wine Valley

Platform 62 is a favourite tourist attraction. It is easy to find us in the friendly, small town of Ashton situated on the scenic Route 62.

We have a well stocked Wine Boutique with only the best wines from the area. The Shed Restaurant and Farm Stall has some of the most delicious home made meals and preserves. The Arts & Crafts will be the perfect place to find a gift for friends and family. It is a fun stop-over with something to offer for visitors of all ages.

The Wine Boutique

The Wine Boutique represents more than 50 Cellars and offers over 500 wines from most of the award winning wine farms of the Robertson Wine Valley area. The knowledgeable and friendly staff are more than willing to share their passion and insights about our exceptional wines. Wine tasting is available daily from 9:00 am to 17:00 pm.

The Shed Restaurant

The Shed Restaurant offers the best homemade pies, gourmet burgers, traditional Bobotie and curry chicken, fresh salads and other mouthwatering items on its menu. You can enjoy your meal with a good cup of coffee or even a glass of wine or cold beer if so preferred. The Shed Restaurant has a beautiful garden with a safe play area for the kids where they can meet the tame chickens and even hold some baby chicks in summer.

The Farm Stall

The Farm Stall has its shelves stacked to overflowing with homemade jams, preserves, dried fruit, rusks, cookies, olives, oils, honey and so much more. We are proudly South African. Most of our products are supplied by local producers.

The Arts & Crafts

A showcase of market traders, artists and crafts people showcasing their products in the market stalls. Browse and explore a range of Arts & Crafts of hand crafted items, different art work, unique gifts, crafting trends, fashionable designs and antiques.


Soet & Stook Festival

Join us for wine and brandy tasting with food pairing, lots of dessert wine and exciting cocktails at Platform 62 from 27 – 29 November for the Soet & Stook Festival.

At the Soet & Stook Festival we share and enjoy the wines with very knowledgeable Platform 62 staff and some winemakers. The brandy tasting; comparing 6 local brandies with food pairing, promises to be very interesting and informative and definitely a lot of fun! Something else to look forward to is learning about the many exciting cocktails that you can use to entertain your friends back home with. For the daredevils and brave there are all the liqueurs and even mampoer, witblits and grapas to try.

Soet & Stook Brandy Bottles

Relax in our lovely garden

Come and enjoy a relaxing break from everyday life with some good homemade food at the Soet en Stook festival. The Shed Restaurant will serve fresh pies, gourmet burgers, Bobotie, Curry Chicken and other mouth watering food items all served with fresh salads. Sit inside amongst all the nostalgic collectables from the past or outside under the giant Ficus trees watching the children and the tame chickens wandering around.

Bring your friends and family along to Soet & Stook Festival at Platform 62 for an enjoyable day of fine wine, good food and fantastic offers at incredible value.

Enjoy engaging sesions with our knowledgable staff

Wine lovers don’t miss this weekend! Come and relax and experience the warm and friendly hospitality of our beautiful region. The groups will be small and great fun and lots of laughter will go around. And if you can only visit from behind your computer then please visit the Platform 62 online shop and order right away.

Ashton in the beautiful Robertson wine valley

The town Ashton, famous for its wine and fruit situated in the heart of the Robertson Wine Valley.  The small town below the majestic Langeberg Mountains, was once only a small trading post called Roodewal, a name given to the red slopes of the Langeberg Mountains .

Roodewal became a railway station after the completion of the railway line from Worcester to Cape Town in 1887.

One story is that the official that was sent here to take charge of the station had difficulty in pronouncing the name of Roodewal . He solved this difficulty by renaming the station to Ashton after his home town in England. The more probable story is that Roodewal was renamed in honour of Job Ashton. He Was the first director and railway engineer of the New Cape Central Railways (Ltd).

Route 62 John Montagu Tunnel Ashton - The tunnel between Montagu and Ashton

Ashton is also at the start of the famous Route 62 which meanders through the Klein Karoo.

Today Ashton is home to some of the most sought after award-winning wines of the region. Such as Bon Courage, Zandvliet, Excelsior, Arendsig and Arabella. 

Platform 62 Wine Boutique represents most of the top award wining wine cellars in the region. Wine tasting is done daily from 9:00 to 17:00.


Visit Popular award winning Wine cellars around Ashton

Ashton is home to many sought after award winning wines.  The combination of a unique climate, a diverse terroir and great wine producers result in the production of a variety of  wine styles. The wine from this unique region promise to light up the lives of those that share the pleasure of drinking win...

You must be older than 18 to buy or receive wine. Wine will not be sold to under aged individuals.